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It is easy to switch letting agents in Edinburgh.

a white front door with a door mat saying Suppose you’ve been with your letting agent for a while and they’ve done an okay job. You’re not dissatisfied, but you’re not totally happy either.


Perhaps they don’t respond to your calls or emails quickly enough, or perhaps they’re late in sending the rent over to you or updating you on your renewals.


Perhaps you’d like to try another letting agent? But how do you go about it?

After all, most people don’t know much about the process of switching letting agents. We are a letting agent and property management company helping landlords switch to us. We offer a free property consultation to landlords who want to discuss their options for moving their rental property into our hands. We will assess your current situation and advise on whether we think it would be better for you and your tenants if we took over the management of your property. If our services sound like they’d be a good fit, then we’ll take care of everything from there—including moving all the paperwork over, setting up a new account for rent payments and repairs, and getting everything set up so that nothing changes for your tenants except who handles their property management needs.

Top 3 reasons why landlords switch letting agents and here are the most common reasons.

Your previous agent may have been great when you first started your property management business, but as time goes on, things can change. They may be more expensive than other agents in the area, or they may not be able to provide the level of service that you want and need from an agent. Here are some of the reasons why landlords should consider switching letting agents:

Poor customer service.

This is probably the most common reason why landlords switch letting agents. If you do not get a good response from your current agent when you need help or support then it may be time to change them. It is important that your agent responds quickly when you need them as this can save you money and stress in the long run!

Too expensive.

Most landlords will be paying on average 12-15% for a full property management service (and you will need to pay VAT on top of that) but will have to pay extra for check-in & check-out reports which should be included in the full property management package.

Poor communication.

If your current agent does not keep you informed about what is going on with your property then it could be time for a change in management! Communication is essential between you as a landlord and your letting agent so make sure that they are keeping you informed about any issues or concerns that arise about your property.

Top 5 Reasons To Switch Your Edinburgh Letting Agent to Bridge Letting

If you are a landlord, you will want to be sure that your property is in good hands. This means that you need to find a good letting agent that can take care of all the property management duties for you and provide you and your tenants with a personal service throughout.

Hear it from our landlords and tenants.

We are a five-star rated Edinburgh Letting Agent and here is what our landlords and tenants have to say about us…

“Samantha has been fantastic during the full process of renting and was quick in answering any questions and very easy to talk to. Thank you for everything I would 100% recommend.”
“Provided all the information I required even before we had an agreement. Recommend using the service.”
“From the get-go, Samantha helped us with all the legal work, etc as we had never had a rental property before. She has been great since and I couldn’t recommend her enough. Superb service.”
You can read our reviews on our Bridge Letting Google Business Page

You will pay less for better service.

Many landlords don’t realise how much they could potentially save by switching agents. Letting agent fees vary hugely and many companies are offering low-cost services, so there is no excuse for paying over the odds. a man and a woman looking down at a notebook at that woman is holding.

Our fees are simple and transparent as all of our services are fixed costs, we never charge a set-up fee and we offer all of our landlords a free property management service for 3 months.

  • Property Management Service – 8% of the monthly rental income ongoing
  • Let-Only service – 5% of the monthly rental income ongoing
  • Tenant-Find Service – £295 (no set-up fees)


You will receive consistency with a dedicated Property Manager.

Having a dedicated Property Manager means that you will have consistency and build trust with someone who will update and guide you through legislation and any changes and give you and your tenant the comfort of knowing who is visiting the property for routine inspections or accompanied viewings.

We take care of all legislation updates and compliance tasks

As fully accredited letting agents,  we ensure that your rental property is always compliant with the current Scottish legislation. We take care of your landlord responsibilities to ensure you and your property are always compliant with the current Scottish legislation. If you are an overseas landlord, we take care of the Non-Resident Landlord Scheme for you otherwise your tenant will be responsible for handling your tax affairs.

You will be paid the same day we receive the rent.

We pay your rental income the same day we receive it, not 3-5 days later as most letting agents do.

What is the process for landlords switching letting agents?

Give notice to your current letting agent 

Check your contract for how long this needs to be and it is absolutely fine if you have a tenant in your property currently. Check if there are any exit fees, it depends on your contract, but if the agent hasn’t delivered on what they agreed at the start, you may be able to negotiate these fees down. In the case of a serious breach of contract, they may waive them completely.

Keep your tenants informed

Get in touch with your tenants to reassure them that it’s just the agent you’re changing and let them know your new agent will be in touch to update them with new contact details going forward. Let your tenants know that their deposit may be transferred into another government-approved tenancy deposit scheme which they will receive a certificate as proof.

Collect the keys from your current agent

Nothing more to say here other than, that’s it, you can now enjoy saving some money and benefiting from a better service!

Frequently Asked Questions About Switching Letting Agents

We have listed below common questions asked by landlords looking to change letting agents. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page on our website which is worthwhile having a look at.


Could switching letting agents mid-contract impact my tenants?

If you choose to switch agents, this will not have an impact on any existing tenants. It is important to remember that there are two contracts  – your contract between you and your letting agent, and the tenancy agreement between you and your tenant. It is the contract between you and your letting agent that will end only.

Am I legally able to change letting agents?

As a landlord, you have a right to decide who is the best letting agent to manage your property needs. If you aren’t happy with the service you are receiving or you have found a letting agent who can save you money, you are perfectly within your rights to move to an agent who can meet your needs. Please note, that it is important to remember that an agreement between a landlord and a letting agent is a legal document, so it is important to follow the correct steps. 

Do the current tenants belong to the current agent?

No, they shouldn’t as a letting agent is only ever acting on behalf of a landlord. Therefore, the current tenancy agreement will continue under the new letting agent.


About us at Bridge Letting 

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Our company values – we are proactive, professional, and efficient in everything that we do for you and your tenants.

 “We are an attentive and responsive letting agency and I can assure you of my personal attention when we are letting and managing your rental property. We always practice careful property management” – Samantha Finlay, Director 


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